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August 08, 2007



Wow, I did nearly the same thing! I loved the Roosevelt shampoo so much (the conditioner didn't seem to smell like much, but the "soy" shampoo smelled so much like grapefruit) that my citrus fetish sent me to the internet to look up the company. And then I kind of felt like if I bought the shampoo I had to buy the conditioner to make a matching set in my tub, but $48 plus shipping was over the line for me, so right now I'm still using my sample bottles.


Tara Anderson

My recent experience at the W made me want to change my vocabulary...like start calling housekeeping "styling" and the gym "sweat". Right. The only thing that the W inspired me to do was use more Bliss products. And never stay there again.

super des

I've done things like stock up on water bottles so I didn't have to pay $8 in the room for them. And I've tried to move into a bigger apartment so that my hotel rooms are not more square feet than my home. (So far that's been an unsuccessful one.)

Sometimes I think maybe I should stop going to hotels.


Thanks for the linky love and for saying that I'm hilarious and not "you're a total cranky bitch" which is the other option.

I did buy a memory foam mattress topper after sleeping so well in a Sheraton bed. I don't know if memory foam was their secret, but soft and comfy certainly was.


My God Jane, I have to confess after reading your post, my answer is NO. Am I missing out on something I wonder ?

alice, uptown

If your hair smells terrific, then only your hairdresser knows for sure.... good hotels have inspired me to try to buy fresh flowers for my own bedroom.

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