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August 14, 2007



Jane, funny link...I think everyone took Creedence with bathroom on the right...my twist on an oldie was Buckinghams 'Kind of a Drag' which I heard as Canada Dry. Yes, Canada Dry, when your baby don't love you. Canada Dry, when you know she's been untrue...Placement at its best. Have an ale and a smile!

Waldo Oiseau

I remember those days .. except I was hitting the rewind button on the cassette player. I used to love Roy Orbison's "Pretty Woman," and couldn't figure out why he'd want someone to "lick my leg." [Look my way!] :)

Average Jane

Waldo Oiseau - I did the cassette player thing, too. It wasn't much easier than working with a record.


I spent SO much of my youth writing down song lyrics in notebooks... ahhh... good times. Thank you for this wonderful memory. Of course, now I have AC/DC stuck in my head. BACK IN BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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