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August 15, 2007


super des

You rock.

Suzanne from CUSS is writing a book about weird things to do in NYC, and I'm her little assistant monkey. I think it's supposed to come out next spring. You can buy that if you want. If you have a way to find it.


You obviously missed my paperback "Piles for pleasure and profit" at all leading book stores.

Waldo Oiseau

Ooh la la, I love learning about fun new blogs to read--thanks for the recommendations; it will be nice to look at these blogs tomorrow...instead of working.

I also have one to share with you: http://www.crazyauntpurl.com/. Laurie is a lovely gal livin' in the Valley with (too) many cats and a way with words. At least once a week, she writes a post that really hits home. Check it.

Sarah Perez

well, if you really want to tell ppl what you had for lunch, there's always twitter! :)

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