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August 28, 2007


super des

Taking care of a house is so much work. You can't be expected to remember everything!


Oh Honey - that sucks!

I happen to work with HVAC maintenance and know that maintaining your unit by changing hoses/filters/belts and getting seasonal check-ups can help avoid costly repairs. If the unit is blowing air, but it's just not cooled - you might want to try turning it off at the main breaker. Sometimes, when air can't circulate due to clogged filters, the coil will freeze causing your unit to trip. Resetting (by turning off the power at the source) will sometimes allow the coil to restart.

Then again - I do commercial and residential units might be different.

Good luck!


Melissa beat me to the keyboard regarding the circuit breaker re-set. Ditto as this often happens during severe thunderstorms, too.

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