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August 24, 2007


super des

ha ha ha Rush.
I probably would have gone too. And laughed at all of the people (including myself).
I'm glad you showed that guy what was up, that non only men like Rush.


I always have a desire to go see my old favorite bands, but then I remember that I never listen to current music. I would have been lost, too!


i wonder what would have happened if you told the guy you hated rush. :)


That guy was probably dragged there by his girlfriend ;)

I've never seen them live, but I was also a huge fan of 2112 and the like. Funny, I started to tire of them when they played Red Barchetta on an endless loop the summer I was taking driver's ed.

Me? Old.

For the record, I would have gone, too. Even music you aren't familiar with is better than no music.

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