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July 06, 2007



Please tell me we were supposed to laugh during this entry. PLEASE.

P.S. I think Average Jane should "over share" more often. hee!


Definitely. I spent the evening yesterday torn between pity and the inappropriate desire to laugh.

Also, in case anyone was wondering, I did ask my husband first before I wrote about his bowels on the Internet. It seemed the least I could do...


Well, at least you asked him before you posted. Good wife you are. I admit I grinned a bit during this post, but I also cringed at the thought of some day having to go through that myself.


ha ha ha -- I don't suppose you offered, as a kind wife, to taste that crap just as a gesture of solidarity? It is truly horrific. the only way I avoided puking was because I'm so phobic about puking.
You would think that with all the medical technology and food science, they would figure out how to make that laxative more palatable.


Happy happy b'thday to a way far Not average Jane!

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