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July 13, 2007



Does _being_ 13 count as a negative association? Because then I have one... no desire to back to that age!!


My mother actually passed away on Friday the 13th very unexpectedly...other than that I don't believe in it....now that I read that, it really sounds bad..I did not mean it to be...just factual...


nope. It is lucky. Out of five sibs, I have 2 born on the 13th, one on the 31st (13 backwards) one on the 26th (13 x 2) and of course me, 7/6, which, added together...


I don't know, on our 13th anniversary my husband surprised me with a ring--first time since our engagement that he's bought me jewelry. I figured it was a lucky number ever after :)


No not really Jane. For many people the 13th is a lucky day for them. Have a great weekend.

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