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June 15, 2007



Have you read Girl Sleuth? Something tells me you would love it...


I remember about half of those. Spider Sapphire was my favorite, if memory serves.

Glad your husband's scare was just that, and I hope he makes an excellent recovery.

The Misanthrope

That looks like a great collection. I am sorry I didn't keep my Hardy Boys, I didn't have a collection, just two or three books. Glad husband is doing better. Keep us posted.


My son has discovered the Hardy Boys which surprised me, he was so into only fantasy, but I'm thrilled to have a second mystery lover in the home.


I'm going to go see it but I'm sad that they didn't make an ACTUAL Nancy Drew movie. I have yet to see it but I already agree with NYT-I'm sure it's good for what it is and the lead actress looks charming and non-hoey...but it's self-reflectively clever and hahaha and focuses too much on the teen stuff rather than the heart of the matter, which was the fact that Nancy solved mysteries and always ended up "bound and gagged".

They already made one Clueless and it is a time honoured teen classic-I wish they'd just stuck to making a REAL N.D. movie the way they stuck to making real Harry Potter movies.


My guess would be YES! You may even be the first one in line....

Glad that your husband is doing better Jane...hope he continues to do great.

alice, uptown

There were a slew of Nancy Drew movies in the late 1930s- early 1940s.

The Nancy Drew series that we (I have the same set) read as kids has been revised in the name of political correctness, completely destroying the mystery story we once knew.

Interesting, though, how Nancy Drew has had traction in our culture for many generations, no matter what's she's dressed in, or what car she's driving.


Oh, Nancy Drew! I read *all* of them, too. The hardbound ones, then that new series, too. I don't think the movie will come anywhere near to living up to those classics, but it may end up in my home once it's on DVD.

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