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June 12, 2007



I hated running, but I pushed myself and sort of played a game with myself about how far and fast I could go, and eventually it helped my endurance. Now I don't hate it so much. I love when I've finished the trek, for sure.


I actually took a break from yoga because it was making me cry at one point. And I have this thing where I can't do any of the neck poses like rabbit without having rising panic and clautrophobia... So I am hoping to be able to work on that in the future.


Lemme guess...you managed to stomp down your urge anyway? Yeah...that's what I thought.


Well, I hate peeling potatoes, but as I love them so, it's a necessary evil.


Mexican! food. Eating it, that is. With each burrito I like it more and more. Um. Yeah. That's pretty much it. I like your story a lot better than mine.

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