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May 02, 2007



One of these days, I'd like you to help me add fonts to my computers. The ones that come with Word, etc., are so limited.


Um, OK, so this sounds like the best movie made ever to me. Seriously. My little editor heart is going pitter patter. And I use Helvetica all the time at work, though I do have a thing for Arial.


I was a typesetter in a fairly serious type house, back when such a thing existed. We lived for someone to come in with an obscure serif font and say "Can you match this?" Everyone would begin guessing "Caslon 224" "No, the o's are wrong."

My favorite fonts were Americana, American Typewriter, Florentine (Adobe version) and Optima. I like the simple things with varying widths in the letters.

You gotta give Helvetica respect. There used to be 33 varieties of Helvetica. I think that Thin was my favorite, along with Helv extended. But I actually like Franklin Gothic better for a pure san serif...

Oh I could talk about this all day.


i can totally relate. there's a restaurant in my neighborhood that i refuse to go to, primarily because of the font they use on their sign. i'm serious! it's kind of like an old english, but not quite. more like that scripty font that people use on stickers they put in the back windows of their cars. anyone?

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