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April 14, 2007



I'm going to crash your party. As soon as I get a plane ticket, I'm there. For the Guinness. Don't be surprised if you find me passed out in your basement with Xena and Velcro. :)


The Lunar Ale is actually pretty good! I was nervous, since I get so very little alcohol these days (all doctor approved - back off Mommy Patrol). Anyway, I hate to waste my one bottle of precious, precious beer consumption, but it was worth it. ;-)

The Misanthrope

Would you please send some of that upside down pineapple cake this way. Happy birthday to husband. Your new age is not so bad, it just sounds bad.


Sounds like another fabulous Jane party. Happy Birthday to the hubs!


Happy birthday to hub. 50 it's a horrible number. Mine was February.

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