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April 04, 2007



I'll have to listen to "Side of a Bullet" more closely next time.

dr. dave

Yes? JUDAS PRIEST? Where the hell were YOU when I was 15??



Judas Priest always gets me. I remember listening to their stuff in high school. "I'm your turbo loveerrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

dr. dave

To follow up on Karl... all those songs (ESPECIALLY "Turbo Lover"!) are much more fun to listen to now that we know they are about HOT GAY MAN SEX!!!


dr. dave -

a) Thanks for the great new ALL CAPS phrase you've posted to my blog. I can hardly wait for that search traffic to start arriving. ;)

b) By the time Turbo came out, I don't think Halford was even trying to be cagey with his lyrics. If you didn't get the hint then, you were never going to!

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