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March 09, 2007



Ack. i hate giving our cats pills - particularly Harry. The only method I have that works fairly okay is wrapping the cat up in a towel quickly, then shoving a pill in their mouth, then clamping it shut until they swallow. Painful.


Mickey Fin
Buy some of those furball-control cat treats with the gooey centers. Cut one in half, stick the pill in the goo of one half and stick the halves back together and give the cat the doctored treat. This worked like a charm with my cat.


Oh Jane, I can't help but laugh. Your stories of life with a strong willed pussy cat remind me of my own from some years ago.


i don't understand why they don't make all cat medicine available in liquid form. it is so much easier to shove a plastic syringe in a cat's mouth and squirt than it is to force a pill down her little throat. maybe there's a good reason for pills vs. liquid, otherwise, that's just ridiculous.


There's got to be a better way. I can picture your struggling with Velcro...poor baby....and poor you. What a cute pic of her.


Yeah, Dawn...that's what I thought too. I got liquid meds for my kitty and it turns out that he was able to spew it forth like the Exorcist...no matter how far back I went. I was tired of being sprayed with sticky medicine every day (and of course kitty was not getting any better) so I grudgingly switched back to pills...after I had INSISTED the vet give me liquid first. Mmmmmm...crow.


My cat fights until exhausted spattering liquid, then finally accepts the liquid, then spits it out. Every day it was a worse and worse scene no matter what we did. I noticed the vet did not get much more liquid in that I did tho. at least he was honest & realistic. my old vet acted like it was the easiest thing in the world to give cats medicines!


The vet gave her pill #9 and had just as much trouble getting her to take it (*after* she had patiently allowed the removal of her sutures) as I had. Yesterday I sneaked up on her with pill #10 and got it down her in one try. Go figure.


King used to foam at the mouth when I would give him his prednisone for his IBS. I was so glad we decided to take him off it because if I had to do that forever, I was going to have to let him "explore" the streets of Chicago.

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