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March 05, 2007



Honestly, I liked Cranium Pop 5 better than regular Cranium. The scoring made MUCH more sense than the regular version of weird-assed moves around a board. I wonder if the Pop 5 game can be used with the regular Cranium Cards?

I must buy a copy of Apples to Apples as well. I almost like it as much as Frazzle now.

The drinking was actually funny because towards the end, I was like "Oh, V really needs to NOT be the actor, she's much better at the guessing" and "Oh, we really need to separate A and L because they are talking too much" and "Oh, M just doesn't really understand the different between Sikhism and Hinduism".

It was weird being the sober one for a change. Gulp.


Apples to Apples is insanely fun. I'm not much for games, but that one's a keeper.

Valium comes in rectal-gel form? That doesn't sound all that calming to me.


I was waiting for the sober observations! Been there, done that.. I haven't had a chance to get that stupid for quite some time! (relatively speaking). Thanks!

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