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March 23, 2007



I read most of my news online but I still subscribe to the local daily paper. Probably the biggest change for me is that I no longer subscribe to a ton of magazines. You can find all the gossip, beauty secrets, relationship/sex advice, etc. you could ever need online!


I read yahoo news everyday because I have a yahoo email address. Sometimes, if something really AMAZING is happening (like Britney going to rehab again), I check cnn.com. And I subscribe to Time Magazine, but I'm letting it run out b/c I'm sick of reading the cover stories about Iraq. I get a lot of my gossip from perezhilton.com. I do look up links I see in magazines, but not the newspaper because I haven't read a newspaper since my father read me the comics each Sunday back in 1985. :)


I get most of my news by dozing through an hour of NPR on my clock radio every morning. Then I skim the local paper most days and read the comics and local columnists, and look at headlines on Yahoo or SF Gate occasionally. I have actually gotten to a couple of blogs by reading about them in the paper -- may have found yours last year through an article about BlogHer! Can't remember...


i get almost all my news from npr, supplemented by internet news sites and the sunday new york times (dead-tree version). i surf interesting sites that i see online, but i am way too lazy to write anything down from a newspaper or magazine and actually type it into the computer. that's just asking too much.


I still read the paper version of the NY Times most days. We get it delivered. And I have absolutely typed in urls from the dead-tree media.


I get most everything online too. I still read Newsweek every week to catch what I missed, and there's the occasional tv news broadcast that catches the eye. I also catch the headlines of local papers occasionally, but very rarely actually read articles.

I did see your feature in the paper and meant to call and congratulate. I just saw it, though, because I took the Little Man to McDonald's playplace and I saw a copy that someone had abandoned on a table. Old media leftovers!


NY Times. I have to read the NY Times every day. I don't believe it is the best news source or the true news source (if such a thing exists) but it's a habit I have and I simply can't seem to break it.

Now I get the headlines online and read it online. I have Times Select. I rarely read the print copy.

The news junkie thing is a real thing and the internet was like having my pusher as a downstairs neighbor. Not healthy. I used to read every major online thing--BBC, CNBC, Time, The Nation, CNN, etc. and dozens of political blogs--daily Kos, bla bla and so on and so on and then I realized that was driving me nuts (i.e., knowing what was actually happening in detail was driving me nuts). But I could never break the Times habit.

Now there are a ton of things I don't know about. The Times does not keep one well informed. I also read The New Yorker and The Economist but there are many, many stories I never hear about until they heat up substantially.

Girl con Queso

That's great about getting in the paper. Yay you!

But no, I don't ever read the paper. I've completely given it up for online info.

The Misanthrope

I have the LATimes and the Wall Street Journal delivered during the week and the NYTimes joins the other two on Saturday and Sunday. The problem is that I just don't have time to read the paper in the morning when I leave the house by 6:30 a.m. If I lunch by myself, which is rare, then I can read both daily delivered newspapers. I read the NYTimes daily during little breaks throughout the day, such as during a boring conference call. I too wake up to NPR and I listen to it during the drive in and in the office. Also, I listen to NPR in the afternoon and on the way home. I am a news junkie and I would be a pusher if it paid.

By Jane

Nope, I'd say that the intersection of old media and new media is very much alive--at least in my corner of the room. I get the local paper daily and read it with my morning coffee. Then I go on-line where the LA Times, Yahoo news, Comcast headlines are waiting for me. My Treo gets the Washington Post and the NY Times. I listen to NPR when I'm in the car and watch local and network news in the evening. I can't imagine being without a constant source of news both print and on-line.


I still get a mix of news, I guess. I watch CNN in the morning, read the local paper (or skim it, really), and also read news online. Occasionally, I'll type in a URL I see in the paper, too.


I still read a (dean tree variety)newspaper, a few in fact, although, not daily. I subscribe to 1 magazine, but I buy a few (different one)a month. I also read news on-line, several outlets.

I have checked out urls that I've seen printed in newspapers or magazines.

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