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March 19, 2007



It's so odd that this happened to you, seeing that you didn't have a card for so long. I've had the same card with the same bank account for over 10 years with nary a problem.


If you use a regular credit card & pay it off in full each month, I think you'll have more protection than a debit. Do you know which Wal-Mart? Online? My DH says to call him tomorrow for instructions. :) Dude...that sucks...happened to me in Vegas.


After my latest credit card problem, the woman told me that it can happen to anyone anywhere anytime. Happens all the time. You did nothing wrong, weird. Also, don't become paranoid about it. I'm not sure about your credit union though. A few years back, I had a check-washing fiasco with Bank of America. I got all of my money back (couple thousand). They're going to help you out, right?


Update: Yesterday I waited until the amount showed up in my account, then went to my credit union and filled out a dispute form. The money was credited back more or less immediately. It also turned out that the Wal-mart in question was in California, so clearly this was a fairly organized crime. I wonder if my number was part of the data theft from TJ Maxx or Marshalls...or if someone just copied my information when I handed them the card in a restaurant. Who knows?


So scary!!! Glad you got your money back.

My credit card number was stolen when burglars broke into my apt (the statement was sitting on the kitchen counter). They charged a bunch of ugly shit from the Home Shopping Network to my card. Hideous jewelry and so forth. It really irked me that they were out using my card to buy stuff that, as far as I'm concerned, should never have been manufactured in the first place. Do you feel the same way about the fact that they used your card to buy a thousand dollars' worth of crap at Wal-mart--an enterprise you really object to? I would have been livid. In fact, I am livid on your behalf!


Wow Jane, you and me are definitely both lucked out eh ? As for debit cards, I have yet escaped the fraud problem and they would not get much from my bank account. I have less the the = of $ 60 to last a week and a half. KP

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