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February 23, 2007



YEAH!!! That is so cute. It's just a matter of time before they are BFF. I saw a cat on craigslist that I decided I needed to have, but then while I was talking to Dorothy on the phone, King started heaving and projectile vomited an entire can of wet food all over the floor. Made me remember that I might not want another just now...


Cats sleeping together in ANY situation is always progress.

X just peered over my shoulder and is laughing at the cuteness.


Cute heavy metal kitties.


That is so sweet! My cats have been together for about 5 years and while they tolerate each other, they won't snuggle up together at all!


i lived for nearly two years with two cats who hated each other. they had been together for almost four years by then and had started out ok, but i guess they'd had a falling out because they were bitter enemies by the time i came on the scene. when i first moved in, i saw one as meek and shy and sweet and the other as aloof and bold and bitchy. i always assumed the bitchy one tormented the shy one, but i was oh so wrong. after a long time observing them, i realized that she shy one was constantly passive-aggressively provoking the bitchy one! she would sneak up on the bitchy on, bite her on the ass or swat at her tail, then run. usually we'd only catch the last half of this scenerio, as the bitchy one chased and hissed and growled, etc, so we thought for a long time the shy one was just a victim. once i realized the truth, i allied myself with the bitchy cat (a natural relationship anyway) and never felt so great about the shy one again. oh cat drama. i can't believe i just typed all that. i'm stir crazy.


That is an adorable picture! I have one of my kitties where the tiny kitten is hanging off the back of the other one who is looking not-so-happy.
They totally use each other as pillows too. lol

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