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February 06, 2007



I hear you on limited influence!

Also, I realize I was one of those who hadn't replied about the luncheon - will email you why.


I don't try to influence people but I do know what you mean, a little bit. It's hard to get people to accompany me to events.

It's the people are busy thing, I think? That's the reason I never respond to anyone else's exhortations! It's not personal when I do it. I really just don't have much time to hang out or go to things...


My coworker and I had a very honest conversation the other day about how no one really cares about anyone but themselves. It's not that people are bad--just that everyone is only interested truly deeply in their very own life. This is important because of the whole survival of the fittest thing, but it sucks when you are trying to plan an event. If I lived near you...um...I wouldn't go either. Hee hee. But only because I wouldn't have a date and would feel like a dumbass eating a steak by myself. Just kidding--I'd bring Dorothy and we'd go!

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