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February 21, 2007



And for those of you too lazy to grind your own, I recommend Krema, All Natural. Nothing but peanuts! I HATE those other peanut butters - they're too sweet. By the time you add jam, it's a sweet, gloppy mess. YUCK.

Also, the natural foods stores like Wild Oats and Whole Foods often have grinders in the store - then you can do other nuts like cashews, almonds, etc.


I'm a fan of crunchy, natural-style PB. In fact, I actively avoid any PB where there are ingredients besides peanuts.

Never tried making my own, though. Maybe someday when we have a dishwasher, because the thought of washing PB out of the blender makes me a little afraid.


if you're in the middle-ground of laziness, between making it at home and buying it in a jar, don't forget that many if not most natural foods grocers have peanut grinders right there, full of peanuts and waiting for you to come push the button. it's fun and gives you fresh peanut butter w/ no extra ingredients. mix it up a little and try grinding yourself some almond butter too, the machines are often paired.

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