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February 16, 2007



squirt-guns are great for cat *and* people discipline. i work in a transitional housing facility for the homeless mentally ill, and i host a bingo game every wednesday night. a water-blaster was just the thing i needed to stop everyone from shouting out "bingo!!" just for fun and laughs when they don't really have it. i mean. that can get annoying. anyway, i know i sound like a monster for shooting crazy homeless people with a water-blaster but they love it. and believe me, if you knew them, you'd shoot them too.


Jane, Jane Jane... You're a parent again, accept it.

Remember, to a kitten, the world is a great big place fill of things to bat and chew (as you put it).

Try this. Tie a wine cork or cotton bob on a piece of string, from a door knob. Just either of these on the floor will keep a pussle occupied for hours.

18 years with a demanding feline made me something of an expert in cat behaviour.


East Coast Girl

In place of a squirt gun, any old spray bottle works great -- like the kind you use to spritz your laundry, or the small ones you use for misting your hair -- as long as it has a stream setting. After a while, I find you don't even need to actually squirt them, that the mere threat of pointing it at them usually gets their attention.

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