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February 01, 2007



January 10, 1999
Memoirs of a Geisha


April 2, 1998

N is for Noose
Frenchy's Grease Scrapbook: We'll Always Be Together

Goofy Girl

April 11, 1997

Total Control by David Baldacci
(unfortunately not the best book, from what I remember)

Hey Cagey...I bought "N is for Noose" on April 3, 1998. Scary, huh?


OK, so I tried, but I can't find where it says when I joined...? Am I just up too early in the morning?


Blondie: You just go to "Your Account" and choose "Complete order history sorted by year" from the first dropdown menu. It'll take you to an account page with another dropdown menu and the bottom entry in the list will show you the orders from the first year you started ordering.


The UK version is pretty amazing too.

The Misanthrope

I was shocked at how many books I have purchased from Amazon (312) with my first one in April of '98. I am afraid to add up what I have spent there. Also, now that I have reviewed what I purchased, some either never arrived or I lost them. This was a bad idea.

The Misanthrope

Sorry, I forgot to answer the question, since I was shocked about the other. The first book was "The Flanders Panel" by Arturo Perez-Reverte.


My co-worker, a 40-year-old, gobsmacked me the other day when he said "I have heard of this Amazon website - what is it?"



Must be a popular meme - that page is down on Amazon! There's a message that says they're working on it.


I remember mine, only because a co-worker was impressed that I used the Internet so proficiently. (snort) It was Willo Davis Roberts' "View from the Cherry Tree", a children's/ young adult novel I liked to read aloud to my 6th grade students. That was in 1997, when I was still with AOL.

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