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February 07, 2007



Shameful but not surprising. Along with Antitrust, EPA doesn't seem to be doing much these days.


The loveseat is kind of small, but come on over.



Yeah, that doesn't sound very soothing. Hope everyone's okay.

Stacie Penney

Of course, but I must warn you, Hydrite is due for a spill. They seem to have one every four years or so.

When the last one happened, I felt the same way. The "officials" might say it's okay, but my body was telling me different. My eyes itched and burned like mad.


You are more than welcome to come live in my city, but I have to warn you--we've been getting about 6 inches to 1 foot of snow a day for a week, with the added bonus of negative temperatures. :) Pick the lesser of 2 evils!

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