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February 12, 2007



How bout Jade ?



What a wonderful sissy. I'm so excited you have a new kitten. I'm totally into the Xena name. Sounds kick ass. Or you could go with Blondie. heh heh. Hmm...how about... oh, I don't know. It will come to you (just like the kitty).


A vote for Niobe.


the last time I named a kitten, I picked an initial letter that seemed to suit him, and then sat with him in my lap while I free-associated all the names I could think of that started with that letter. When I said "Bucky", he looked up at me and meowed!


I may have to second Keith's "Jade"...although that was my "lake name" during a girls trip several years ago... Still fits the kitteh. I also like Niobe. Snorgle, snorgle.


I'm digging Jade too...although, I'm into more foofie names like Trixie and Gigi. But I also owned a dog named Whitey once. Yep, creative. So, how about Blackie. Just kidding. Congrats on your little bundle!

Yvonne DiVita

How about Playfull? Sounds like she is. (wrote about this over at Scratchings and Sniffings, too!)

Y Jane

It's always taken us a few weeks and several changes to find the right name for our cats. You'll find something that fits. No hurry.

Also, make sure it doesn't rhyme with someone else's name - we tried to name one of our cats Tommy but every time a kid yelled Mommy it got very confused. Me too.

East Coast Girl

I like 'Olive' but with a twist -- how about 'Olivia'? It has a little more flair, sounds a little more feminine, and kitties respond more enthusiastically to names and words that end with the hard E sound (like 'KittIE').


I think Pharmgirl needs to blog as to why she needed a "lake" name. ;-)

I vote for the name Buffy!

Goofy Girl

I like "Jade", as well. And would add "Anya" (traipsing along with the 'Buffy' theme). I almost suggeted "Willow", but you mentioned the high energy, and that said "Anya" to me, since she was a demon and all...


My wife always wanted to name cats Cloe or Cleo.

When we've introduced new cats it has taken about 1 week for them to get used to each other. We usually go with throwing them together and if they get to rough, squirt them with a water gun. Its fun for the whole family.


I like Olive. My former college roommate (now a vet) had an office cat named Olive. She was huge and she drove a cardboard bus.


I have always liked cleo for a girl. But Jade is pretty or Olive or Olivia - or what about Envy? You know, it doesn't really matter because you'll never call her by her name anyway.

My little blackie is Salem - and omg he is pure hellcat perfection. lol But yeah, he gets called blackie and black fatty (his porn name). Yeah. Okay, so with that, I'm done. lol

Goofy Girl

BTW, congrats on the new kitty. Looks like karma kicked in afteralls!


My first thought was Jade before reading the responses. Cleo and Cleopatra sound good as well. I know a black female cat named Guinness (after the beer)....a name to consider if you are a beer enthusiast.

My cat is named Gee and he came from Lorton Prison. Only after several years did a coworker mention that a "Gee" is slang for a Gangsta....so I have a gangsta kitty with a petite voice, LOL.


We always call ours "little kitty" until their name just sort of emerges after hanging out with them a week or so. Although one of them ended up getting named "Stinky" with that technique, so maybe it's not so great....


Whatever you call her Jane, remember. Dogs have masters, cat's have servants. The picture of the pussle lying there bears this out. "peel me a mouse". KP


New idea...how 'bout Sudoku? Impossible to figure out and keeps you on your toes!

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