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January 18, 2007



Very interesting. I read through the FAQ section and it looks like a fun project. I say go for it. I'm not sure I would do it because I like my anonymous nature too much--I'd be afraid my bosses would find it or something. But that may just be my raging paranoia. :)

Stacie Penney

I like the idea and would be interested (Oh, the job-related research that I could take away with this idea!) I don't think I'd do it, since I'm not anonymous.


You should. I blogged my day in detail once (there was another blog that had the same challenge, albeit much less formal) and I actually really enjoyed doing it.

However, apparently it bored my readers silly, as I got like two comments on it. I found that amusing.

Still, that's not a reason not to do it.

I say go for it. I might try it again, too.


Apart from the fact I'm not a girl, I wouldn't dare truthfully map out a full day on the soapbox... Eek !


Jane, I would do it. If anything it will show you the value of a full day. Or should I say it would show me... because I often forget how much happens in 24 hours.

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