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January 24, 2007



If you really want another cat, I know where you can get a very beautiful older, mellow white cat, with no adoption fees, and complete with his own LitterMaid. Just say the word - with the second kid, the poor guy is just starved for affection that we don't have time to give.


Fate. Go with fate. And if fate is the cat in the first post, so be it. I've always found accidental friends to be the best friends.


Fate, The cat will find you.


Its so pathetic to know about Kato. I hope he becomes well again. And yeah, why not, you can be the lucky chap to get another darling cat by your side.

take care
all the best.


I appreciate all the advice. My husband and I agree that "wait and see" is probably our best approach right now.


I think you should get one now. If either of my kitties die, there will be a new kitty right away. I need them to overlap and not all die at the same time--it is just too hard. That being said, I agree with those who say fate will help you. Maybe you should make a phone call though--just to check and see if Fate has any kitties in mind. :)

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