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January 02, 2007



Thanks for this recipe! I am planning to make it this weekend!

Food Lover

So the only part of the pomegranates that goes into the salsa is the seeds? Just want to make sure I understand.


Hmm, I tried pomegranates for the first time a few weeks ago. So if you put the seeds in your mix, wouldn't you get a mouthful of hard bits?


so you eat the seeds? Aren't they bitter?
I'm going to have to check this one out!

Michelle Pendergrass

Oh my gosh! That sounds SO good!


pomegranates...is something I've never cut into or cooked with??? You eat the seeds? Is there any meat in the pomegranates to eat??? This sounds sooooooooooooooooooo YUMMY!!!!! =)

Karen @ Simply A Musing Blgo

This sounds delicious...although I am the only one in my family who will even touch a pomegranite. I might try making it anyway...if I can find the fruit, that is. Thanks for sharing!

Robin (the pensieve one)

I'll be curious to hear your answer to the seed question.

I LIKE the flavor of pomegranate juice, but I've never had the actual fruit. The thing is, this is a really HEALTHY snack, too, and I bet it LOOKS appealing.

Plus, this is off the beaten path, and I like taking things to parties (or for whatever reason) are new and a bit novel.

Thanks for joining in this month and helping to spread the word about this DELICIOUS carnival!


Average Jane

The seeds are firm, but they're not what you'd call "hard." When you bite into them, you get a lovely burst of juice that complements the other flavors nicely.

The thing that's bitter about pomegranates is the white pulp around the pips. It's important to remove as much of that as possible when taking the fruit apart.

I won't lie to you, it's a pain to take apart TWO pomegranates. However, this recipe is COMPLETELY worth it! It's be a hit wherever I've taken it.


This sounds wonderful. I think it would be terrific with tacos, too!

A Family Story

Not sure my husband would eat this, but I would!!

Mary Ann

Just saw this on Martha...Cut through the pom. skin only and pull them apart. Then holding seed side down in your palm...take a wooden spoon and whack ( and keep whacking ) dthe back of the pom...and the seeds fall out ! She said people are always amazed how easy they come out. Now to buy one again and try it ! Salsa sounds great !

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