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January 16, 2007


Shirley Marie Bradby (MiraBai Devi Dasi)

JALEBI Music Flash Message:

Namaste! Hare Krsna! Very nice blog! You write in such a way that you make your readers feel right at home! Definitely a good read! Keep up the good work!

Have you found out what jalebis are? If not...I will tell you! They are super delicious Indian sweets! Once you start ....you can't stop! : )

But let me introduce myself! My name is Shirley Marie Bradby (MiraBai Devi Dasi) and I am the lead singer for a band called JALEBI Music...and I also know what it means to try to keep a house in order! A definite challenge! So the next time things get out of hand and you need to dedicate some time to cleaning here is something to "sweeten" the deal.

While cleaning listen to some JALEBI Music...a blend of traditional Indian music with gospel, blues and modern technology! JALEBI Music is.....when BOLLYWOOD meets MOTOWN! Namaste, baby! : )

Taste and try out some JALEBI Music at:


Thanks and.... may the force...and JALEBI Music... be with you....while cleaning ...and you will be finished in no time flat! Namaste, baby! :)


Yeah, I know that's comment spam above, but I have to give her some points for effort. ;)


Oh it will look so nice once you're finished.


See that's why all I do is move the furniture--it only takes one day. ;)

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