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January 12, 2007



My favorite bad business name was a BBQ joint in Topeka KS called "Run Pig Run".

I didn't know "the monkey" phrase was specifically for drugs - I thought it was for a bad habit or problem. interesintg.


Also, I love how Rozanne and Diana reply to comments within the comments, then everyone can see the reply, too. it has always amazed me how faithful they are with it. I've tried to do it this week and it is a bit of work!


Hi Jane! I've commented several times, but it never hurts to say hi. I'm glad your cat seems to be feeling a little bit better.

I suppose the drug reference shirt is no worse than the clothes for little girls that say things like sexy across the butt. Or thong underwear for 8 year olds.


I think I've commented once before but hi!

That does seem like an odd saying to have on a child's shirt but I've seen lots of kids wearing inappropriate things (like fishnet hose on a pre-teen girl!) I sound like an old fart saying this, but what are their parents thinking?!

Girl con Queso

Hey there! Even though cats kind of freak me out, I'm really sorry to hear about yours. And I'm really glad she's feeling better

dr. dave

Not exactly a "lurker", but I don't get over here as often as I should. Sorry to hear about kitty. (House payment... ouch!)


OH NO--KITTY!!!! :( 1990? Wow--that's a long, beautiful life. I think it's so cute that she met you at your new door when you moved. I had to shove Webster off the computer desk a minute ago and now I'm going to run over and hug him. You are a good momma to let her sleep on you even though it gave you a kink--that will be a wonderful memory you can treasure.


I love the Nail Jail name! Rib Crib is excellent also.

When I was writing my NaNoWriMo novel last year, I invented a neighborhood saloon called the Hootch Hut--or thought I did. I later Googled the name and found out there are Hootch Huts all over the place. I still think it's a great name, though.


I saw the Nail Jail sign just yesterday driving around and i thought, "Is that supposed to lure me in? What wuld make me want them doing my nails? Who came up with THAT clever rhyme, and who thought would actually bring business?"

On another note, I'm sory to hear about your cat's health. I'v grown much fonder of cats this past year.


Hi Jane, I first checked out your blog because it is recomended by J-Walk, and I like that you update often. Also I love your taste in music. When can we hear your band?

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