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January 10, 2007



Oh, no. Which cat?

Hang in there. You've been a good Pet Parent over the years. And knowing you, whatever you decide will be the most humane action possible. It's hard letting go, either way.


Cagey - It's Friday. I know, I would have expected Kato to be the one in crisis first since he's older and male. She's hanging in there (as am I), but the next few weeks may not be a happy time.


So sorry to hear about your kitty -- 16 years is a long, happy life, though... hang in there and do what feels right.

We're getting ready to re-do our two bathrooms at once, and I thought it would be okay to be without a shower for a while. After reading your last few posts, though -- I think not! The contractor though I was nuts, and now I know he's right.


Awww, so sorry to hear about kitty. I hope it is something that can be dealt with surgically. ::sending good thoughts::

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