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January 08, 2007



Cat juice?? I know it's not funny, but it's so funny. I hope your little baby is OK.


1. So what is the Spanish for micro chip ?

2. You fell for the bloody sofa adverts !!! (see my new years post).


Blondie - Thanks! I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Keith - 1. They managed to get "microchip" across okay, but we fell down on "rabies vaccination."
2. The sofa purchase was inevitable, but we liked to think that we were getting the ultimate sale price after the holidays. Ha!


Dude, you sure do get a lot of shit done! It would have taken me a week to get the living room painted (and ours is likely smaller than yours). Five hours. Wow!

I'm such a slowpoke.


Rozanne - I don't know, our living room is pretty small. :)


oooo... nothing like a bathroom remodel to make one appreciate the finer things in life... like a daily shower!

Your tales are almost motivating me to get busy again in our own house. Almost. :)

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