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January 17, 2007



You've never seen Grease or Fight Club?? Huh?


I'm so impressed that you can actually keep track of that many movies. Half the time I end up renting movies that I've already seen. And sadly, I haven't seen than many movies. You are my hero.


Red Dragon was pretty damn good. Joy Ride was also good. Steve Zahn is great. Ghost Ship had it's moments, too. Check for 'em on Tivo.


This girl is amazing with her lists... She probably knows exactly how many frozen peas there are in her "ice box" I mean peas not packs and we don't call it an ice box or compartment here in England... But, long live Average Jane !


Upon reviewing the list, I realized I'd forgotten to check one or two movies that I've seen. It's pretty close, though.

Keith - Right now, the frozen peas in my icebox are in one enormous frozen clump, left over from the old, malfunctioning fridge. Does that count?


Jane, you gots to see Fight Club. This instant. Do it this weekend already.

This list makes my head hurt. It must have taken weeks.

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