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December 06, 2006


The Misanthrope

I look forward to limiting my weirdness to just six items. I will most likely be able to write them down tonight. Thanks for asking.


Ha! I do #3, too!

I think my whole blogging m.o. is to write posts about weird things I do, so this meme should come pretty easily.


Interesting. I used to only be able to raise my left eyebrow, as well. I eventually learned to do just the right one, and in the process I *also* learned to wiggle my right ear. The funny thing is, I cannot wiggle just my left ear....


Thanks for asking about my weirdness Jane. I'm waiting for my boss to leave so I can blog it. ;)

czeltic girl

Funny -- I do #4, too. Never realized I did it until an ex-boyfriend pointed it out. He (for whatever odd reason) seemed to think it was strange.


It took me ages to learn how to read a clock as well. I didn't really master it until sometime in middle school.

Stacie Penney

This was really hard. I had to consult some people. I didn't realize that what I considered normal was weird to others.

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