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December 27, 2006



You have been a busy girl. All my best laid plans came to a halt when I came down with a really bad cold. Feeling very sorry for myself right now.


The Misanthrope

Working. However, the good news is that traffic is light and few people are in the office. Wife is in NY with her family, so I am just alone working, but she'll be home saturday and we'll celebrate New Year's eve together with a glass of champagne in the new (new to us) jacuzzi, well that's at least the plan for now.


Hello, Jane! Merry Christmas!

You know, Christmas wouldn't be real without someone forgetting something, so I think you were pretty safe. I'm still impressed just thinking about your cake. Mmmm. Ice cream cake.... My holiday was great--saw Dorothy and the little angel. She's so BIG. She's going to be tall like Aunt Blondie.

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