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November 28, 2006



You're not supposed to tap other people's bumpers?? I think that is actually a requirement here in Chicago. That and letting your car alarm go off on the street for 6 hours just for kicks.


Parking - one of my pet peeves. My solution is to hit the supermarket early in the morning when it is quiet, otherwise I steer clear of our town altogether.


Oh god, don't get me started...I am trying to stifle...no it's not going to work.

Sorry Jane but I disagree-I think compact is anything under Civic/Corolla size and even that's stretching it. The largest car I can see in there without getting a headache is a larger sedan-like a Camry or an Acura.

The metro parking garages in L.A. have a lot of compact parking. Do you know who parks in them?


I actually wrote a letter to the transit organisation suggesting that they post guidelines on models that are allowed to park there, make it a regulation and ticket people for non-compliance because frocking Mr. Canyanero who is too broke to drive in to work everyday on account of it taking a couple of gallons to waddle down the street is scratching up the sides of my car EVERYDAY.

I have also taken to writing "YOU ARE NOT A COMPACT" in the dust on the back window. One person saw me writing it and started running towards me. I flipped him off as I was driving away.

I also try to bang my car door as hard as possible into the sides of their car when I'm getting in and out. This is my revenge for the scratches on the side.

Do I also need to mention how many spots go to waste because assholes can't park and their tires cross the line?

I will stop now before I start frothing at the mouth.


Monkey - No, I completely agree with you. Only really small cars should even attempt to park in the compact spots (and yet my tiny car barely fits). It drives me insane.


I occasionally leave polite but furious notes on people's windshield wipers when they park like that. One guy caught me at it once and apologized, which was awkward. It's much more fun to hate an anonymous SUV-driving entitlement monster than some sheepish college kid.

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