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November 05, 2006



Yeah! Someone else's cats besides mine pee in random things. Whoo hoo! But gross. Sorry about that. That sucks!

What an amazing pic by the way. Do you think the baby will be a hippie? Or just political?


You Americans and your fridges. I've seen them bigger than the average garage a Brit parks their car up in on the side of the house.

Jeremy Fuksa: Creative Generalist

I used to be obsessed with the Mind's Eye videos. But, I'd replace the soundtrack with my own. The New Age-y stuff they threw in was mediocre at best.


Keith - American fridges are completely ridiculous, especially when you consider how infrequently most of us eat at home.

Jeremy - I'm kind of tempted to go back and watch the Mind's Eye videos again, just to see how cheesy they look now. I don't think I could take the music, though.


Blondie, as it turns out, the baby's not much of a hippie so far, but she has some earmarks of the activist about her . . .

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