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November 29, 2006



50% online

10% gift inventory that I have been gathering throughout the year

10% home baked items

10% in-person at Target or Best Buy because I have to experience some things in all dimensions.

20% gift certificates from local merchants.

Does that add up?


If I gave Christmas presents I'd probably make something for everyone except my sis and bro, who would love a Scamazon gift cert more than anything I could come up with. It would be jams and jellies and my limoncello (which people claim they like) and baked goods etc. with a book etc..


75% online

If I know exactly what I am buying, I order it online. Some things you have to check out in person.

I tried to get my family to give me all gift cards this year but they won't. They don't understand that I would rather have an Itunes card over a sweater any day.


I love giving gifts but hate the shopping part. I want the perfect, never-been-thought-of, unique present for each person and that's hard to live up to.


I don't do malls either. If I don't buy it on line I go to Tarshay or somesuch.

And I agree with AWE, let me pick my own gift with a card (tho I hate having to pay shipping out of it).


tish g.

"Home Despot"

yeah, we call it that out here too :-)

Sounds like you've got the whole shopping thing totally under control. Hooray for avoiding holiday mall insanity!


A couple of years back I did 99% of my Christmas shopping on line and found some amazingly original gifts at E Bay.

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