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November 20, 2006



Note to Jane - I was going to be googling for your cranberry recipe. Thanks for saving me the time! ;-)

Note to All - that recipe rocks so HARD, I eat it straight out of the bowl and then add it to my toast until the leftovers are gone.


As you know, I make the cranberry sauce every year (thanks for saving me the searching time)! I made the pie for the first time and it is AWESOME. And I don't traditionally like pumpkin pie. Thanks for the always tasty recipes!

Pauly D

I just love that you used the word beaucoup.



Cagey and me - Thanks! I wish I'd made it this year. I'll have to remedy that at Christmas.

Pauly D. - Yeah, that's how you can tell I went to high school in the '80s!

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