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November 01, 2006



My desk is pretty full, but I've been working at my company for 5 years. We are going to be moving soon, too, and I dread it! It's time to get out the recycling bin... the really sad part is that I keep my dayplanners. I have every single one from the last five years in a stack on my desk. WHY?!

The Misanthrope

I very much agree with you about files, actually there is a statistic somewhere that points out once an item is filed it's rarely used again. However, my own statistics state that once it's thrown out, you'll need it.


When I was working..I was a "big cube 'o fun" person. All kinds of things everywhere. I was the one everyone came to visit for goodies to eat and to see what new stuff I had to look at and chat about. I dreaded whenever we moved desks around in the office. Packing all that up took several sessions...but, it was almost 11 years of accumulation. Good luck with the move Jane.

Jeremy Fuksa: Creative Generalist

I, like you, haven't been there long enough to have a huge action figure collection either. In fact, I don't even plan on using any of those plastic crates. I think all my IT stuff, files, etc. should just fit into my personal box (or two).

I have stuff in my garage from my past "big office o' fun" but there's no way I'd fit even half of it into our new destination. But, I think there's lots of books in there that would go nicely into the new library.

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