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November 22, 2006


Stacie Penney

And I even gave you a post to do!



Stacie - Wow, thanks! I think I missed it in a fit of "Mark all read" Bloglines savagery when I got back from my trip last week. I'll save it for Friday. :)

By Jane

Loved your cat post...made me want to volunteer to do the same. Where? How?


By Jane - I'd recommend just Googling "low-cost spay/neuter clinic" or some variation thereof, and your city name. It's not an unusual service and I'd be willing to bet that your area has more than one that would appreciate volunteers.


hi, random drive by from another NaBloPoMo participant. I linked you cause I liked your post.



Jane, I am sorry, I fixed that broken link. I dind't know it would link to the randomizer.



Oh god I LOVE those cat things, I'm not sure why but they are so fucking hilarious. I even got my fiance laughing at them and he hates cats :-\ heh

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