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November 30, 2006



I was wondering if you guys were getting slammed yet.

If you are still stuck at lunch you can always finish off the bacon.


AWE - Actually, they've revised the forecast and now they're saying the storm will miss us. I guess we'll have bacon and eggs for breakfast over the weekend.


We are supposed to get our end of the wintry goodness soon (possibly tonight) and I'm not so looking forward to walking or biking to school in it :P
This post has made me hungry for minestrone though, that sounds like a great meal for this type of weather.


They've been threatening 13 inches of snow in Chicago all day. Right at this moment, I can hear little ice pellets hitting the windows...is this the beginning?? Just in case, I brought work home tonight for tomorrow.


If you do get snow, get your camera out and send me some pics.

I have been waiting for snow for two winters now, so I can photograph the church just up the road from me (not that I couldn't photograph it without snow).


Congrats! to a fellow NaBlo survivor. We MADE it. ; ) Oh, and while I am officially anti-snow, I too, find it pretty sometimes. But if anyone ever finds out I admitted that, I'll totally deny it. ; )


Hey, sorry for the off-topic comment, but congratulations on completing the NaBloPoMo challenge.


Congrats for finishing NaBloSchmoGro, Jane!


We got hit overnight pretty badly here outside of ChiTown. YIKES! It's the real heavy stuff too...heart attack kind. I just paid some nice young kid to shovel my car out from when the plows went by sealing me in. It looks beautiful; but it's no fun to deal with. It also got a lot colder...brrr. Have a bowl of Minestrone on me Jane...

Jeremy Fuksa: Creative Generalist

Congrats, fellow nablopomo completer. :)

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