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November 19, 2006



That's awesome that you did that. I've been thinking about particpating in something like that with my kids...I'll have to look into it. Years ago we trapped and took in 5 feral cats (a mom and her 4 kittens) to such a facility and I was very impressed with how quickly they got them in and out of there (and how many cats they did in one day)!


I second what bitterkat said!


Awww..that was a really great account of your volunteer experience. I used to work for a vet years ago and I recall the boneless kitties. they were so soft and cuddly, I just wanted to squeeze them but rest aausred, I never did :)


Um..that really mangled word in my comment is supposed to be "assured"


What an amazing thing to go and do. I will make some calls and see if this is something I can do. I know we have an occasional low-cost spay/neuter clinic here but it never occurred to me to ask if they need volunteers in addition to money.

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