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October 17, 2006



But now your house will be all nice in time for the holidays. I just justified spending an insane amount of money on kitchen stuff by telling myself I'd be able to use it for all the holiday cooking I'll be sure to do. As if, but that made me feel logical and smart at the time. And we did need most of it.


My sister and brother bought faux stainless steel (with black trim) so they have the look but not the hassle of cleaning off the fingerprints. I was dubious but I think it looks pretty sharp.

They bought their appliances at home despot. All seems okay to date.

My fave fave fave store is Cost Plus World Market, bringing the darkie in you into your home, but they don't have one big enough for what you're looking for. I think they have some suede stuff in last I checked, though.


Joolie - You've reminded me that I desperately need to have an electrician come out and do something about the breaker that trips every time I turn on more than two stove burners at once. That'll have more of an effect on my holiday enjoyment than anything else I could do.

Monkey - Ooh, Home Despot (great name). I didn't even think of them or Lowe's as shopping options. We have a couple of World Markets here, but I'm pretty sure I've only seen suede furniture there. Suede + cat yakk is not a good thing.


Oh you made me chuckle. Priorities huh? Well at least you didn't trade one of your children for a home theater system. :)


how does leather furniture do with cat scratching? my cats have always only puked on whichever is the newest carpet (like two days after it comes into the house, just to welcome it) but the sides and back of my sofas are always treating like a scratching post.

also -- refrigerators always make wierd sounds! it says so in the users manual...


Michelle - Fortunately, I don't have children to trade. The cats remained safe as well.

Julie - I'm a little ashamed to say that my cats are all declawed, so I'm not sure how they'd do with leather furniture. Their claws were all sacrificed for an ugly, black sectional sofa back in the mid-90s. I guess I'll find out if I end up with another kitten someday.


Oh my GAWD. You just brought back a billion memories of wandering through Nebraska Furniture Mart with my father, impatiently waiting for him to pick out a bed or a stereo or a lamp or whatever it was. So many lazy Sundays were spent in that store! Man, I hated that place...way too big.


I always love seeing people refurnish their home. I also like it but I don't think I'm that good in it.

I think I fall in love with your couch already.


Jane sweetie... An Apple Mac Pro is rubbish at keeping your milk, sausages etc fresh. Expensive they may be, but a fridge will serve you much better KP

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