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October 12, 2006



Thanks, always looking for cool links (I used your maple leaf roses one yesterday, it was too Martha to pass up).


I am SO excited that you are going to Jamaica for A's wedding. Um, Jealous, too!

Also, I love, LOVE the link to extreme pumpkins. I foresee some Precious Naptime will be spent there. Coincidentally, I carved MY pumpkin tonight - be sure to check it out on my blog, because I think you will get a kick out of it. :-)


I've stayed at a DoubleTree and I can vouch for the recipe...they are AWESOME!


I love the Doubletree cookies. Sometimes the sales staff comes into my work and foists piles of cookies upon the admin assistants, and then we all get to partake in so-bad-but-so-tasty Doubletree cookie goodness.


I made the Doubletree cookies this weekend and they were awesome! The little extras like cinnamon, oatmeal and lemon juice made a big difference. I'll definitely keep the recipe and make them again.

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