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October 20, 2006



Thanks for the reminder about Dweezil's show. My husband and I want to go when he hits the east but we forgot about it momentarily... and yes, nice acid wash!


The hair? THE HAIR. hee hee

It's so cute to see Kato when he was so teeny. And yes, he is still such a sweet kitty.


Does Kato have a beautiful gown?


Monkey - Kato doesn't have a beautiful gown (that wouldn't be manly enough for him), but he's currently sporting a red collar with a quartz crystal hanging from it. :)


What a sweet picture Jane...hair and all. Kato sure was adorable. 17 years...it's amazing how fast it goes...in human AND cat years, isn't it? Take care....


OMG. Love kitten pics. And your hair is nothing. In high school, I had to walk through doors sideways because my hair was so big.


Hee! I was hoping that was an old picture. Your Kato looks like my Salem. ADORABLE!!

The Misanthrope

I am really sorry that I missed Dweezil's show when they were out here. I think I may have mentioned this before, but my first concert was to see Frank Zappa at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. I believe Tom Waits was the opening act.


You look like a young Bonnie Raitt in that photo -- cool!

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