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September 14, 2006



Yikes - I didn't realize I was old until I read this -- I use the double space too. There, I just did it again. I also cannot bring myself to write things like "im n2 u" or similar code messages punctuated with swirly emoticons.

My worst "feeling old" moment - I was at the grocery store, paying with a debit card. The 16 year-old cashier boy said to the 16 year-old bag boy - "Whoa, lookit that card, it's totally old school! ha ha!" I realized that my card is 15 years old. I didn't ask him if it was old school in a good way, or a bad way, but still, I'm considering ordering a new card.


Um, wait - the 2 space rule is no longer valid? WTF?


Don't feel bad... I didn't know the two space 'typing' rule had changed either until a couple years ago. Apparently the computer age took care of that old style typewriter spacing problem, but no one thought to inform the 'typing' world.

I always feel old when I sing along to Boston songs on the classic rock station at the gym.

I also don't like using text messaging abbreviations like: imn2u. Dumb! I want to scream can't you spell?! It takes me forever to figure out what they're saying and I feel like I'm reading license plates or something.

East Coast Girl

You are not alone. I learned to type back in high school. I taught myself how to type on a computer, and have been using one at work and at home for years. I still edit my work with 2 spaces after sentences. I never knew it was wrong until just recently when I read a similar post on blogging.la recently. I thought it was just an L.A. thing. Now I am starting to see the same argument showing up in other blogs where it is the national standard for copy editors. Who knew? Where was I when that announcement was made? All of a sudden I am feeling really old.


Wait, are you talking about 2 spaces after a punctuation mark? I still do that, except 1 space after commas. I was taught typing in 6th grade, the first year that they threw out the typewriters and taught on itty-bitty Macs (back when Mac had the educational stranglehold) and I still learned off that rule.


Also, I have no understanding of internets & text-messaging patois. I can figure out "u" for "you" and "r" for "are" but that's about it.


I know that I am aging because as much as I enjoy video games, I get horrendously beaten when I try to play against some teenager when I visit Best Buy or Target.


To make you feel better, I do not think I am old (28 is not old) and I learned the two-space-thing as well. (Except I learned on the good ol' apple computers with the black and green screen!) I still put two spaces between sentences religiously. Jane is not old! :)


I'm glad to hear it isn't just me on the whole "two spaces" thing.

I also agree with Blaugra and Monkey on the text messaging/IM thing. I may use the occasional emoticon, but I'm not on board with most of the silly shortcuts (except for a perverse fondness for "WTF").


WHAT?? I still type two spaces between sentences. I didn't think it was wrong now. Is it? Really?
How can "they" change the rules like that.


Same for me. That's the way I was taught. I also learned on the IBM Selectric, if we were lucky, we got to type on the ANCIENT word processors in the back. I don't even think that I could type w/o the two spaces at the end. 32 is not old. 32 is not old. 32 is not old. I gotta keep saying this to myself.


Hi Jane, I too still put an extra space between sentences, but I don't have anyone I can irritate with it... KP



I can't believe the 2 space rule could be that bothersome. I'm definitely a child of the PC era (I don't think I've ever even used a typewriter), but I can't live without the vestigal gap.

The narrator in my head lapses into run-on sentences if I don't have the gaps there to indicate the proper pause.

Goofy Girl

i know im old because it drives me crazy when people type in all lower case with no punctuation like this. and when they dont use spellcheck.


The reason that we don't put 2 spaces is that it leaves ugly "gutters" of white space in paragraphs of text. It's a typesetting thing.

My oldness manifests itself in not being able to understand why anyone would 1) get a tattoo 2) get their tender parts waxed and 3) carry a handbag all covered in logos.


Suebob - I completely agree on your #2 and #3. As for #1, I actually might be inclined to get a tattoo except that I can't even make up my mind on a bumper sticker, much less something that would be permanently etched in my flesh. See also, 'pierced nose.'

The Misanthrope

I did know about the two spaces, but I believe e-mail should be hyphenated, but it all keeps evolving and apparently my brain does not.


I never knew it wasn't supposed to be 2 spaces. Whatever, it just makes me think that texting is taking over.


The logo-covered handbags drive me up the wall except I understand the purpose is to show off that you can afford to buy a Coach or Louis Vuitton or whatever.

I'm afraid I am an offender in terms of piercings (nose, bellah), tattoos and getting my ladybits waxed.


I'm also an "oldie but a goodie" and do the 2 space thing. I've tried not to but it's so ingrained (after 20 years of doing something it's difficult to change). It's hyphenation that drives me up the wall - somethings are obviously auto-hyphenated and are incorrectly hyphenated and the sub-editor / editor, for whatever reason, doesn't remove them. Also the word "got" gets on my goat. Why can't someone "receive" (say, their degree rather than "got" their degree). Hate, hate, hate logoed things. If people want to pay me to advertise their products, fine, otherwise why would I pay to advertise their goods??

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