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September 15, 2006



This gown looks suspiciously like a bandanna. Nevertheless, I'm surprised that she likes to wear something around her neck.

I've never had a cat that would even tolerate a collar.

P.S. I love that you call your Flickr cat set "The Jean Teasdale Collection."


Love love love the "Jean Teasdale Collection"

(and the photos of early to mid-90s Jane)


I kind of forgot about the Jean Teasdale joke associated with my cat photos. It's nice to know it isn't as obscure as I might have thought!


That's a cool picture...with the sun shining in on Velcro. She's a pretty cat.


Kitties! Of course, I looked at the whole slideshow of kitty pictures and was SO happy to see a jello mold (in the husband-holding-kitty picture) hanging on the wall. So good. :)

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