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September 06, 2006


Stacie Penney

I grew up in South Dakota and loved the Black Hills area. We'd rent a cabin and just spend time at either the resort or day-tripping around the area. Even a city boy should be able to find something to interest him, if you do something like that.


What about Dallas? Or Austin? You both are so into the local music scene, I could totally see you both enjoying the checking out of the music there (awkwardly worded sentence, but you know what I mean, Vern)


Since Vegas is too far, how about some gambling in Tunica, MS? Or you are pretty close to Branson.


I think SoDak would be good; you can go to the Black Hills area and Wall Drug and the Badlands, which are wicked cool. Plus then you could drive down and see Carhenge in Nebraska or Devil's Tower in Wyoming.


I'd go to Chicago. It's one of the nicest times of year to be there, and if you have a car you don't even have to stay in super-'spensive downtown. Even rooms in nicer hotels in close 'burbs can go for pretty cheap.


I'm going to second the idea of Chicago. You can see Blue Man Group, which is SOOO much fun and great music!

But you're right, sometimes the journey is the best part.


Chicago, St. Louis, skip the corn palace in S. Dakota. Black Hills and Rushmore are nice, but not much else there. Dallas is crowded, Austin sounds good. If New Orleans was back it might be an option.


I've heard SD is beautiful, that's a good option. I also enjoyed our trip to Minneapolis a couple of years back. Mall of America AND the Spam museum - who can pass that up?


Thanks for all the input!

We're kind of leaning toward Chicago now, which I hadn't even considered until you guys brought it up. (I'm going to St. Louis in October anyway, so I don't really want to go twice.)

For the past couple of years we've been talking about going to Sturgis, SD for the motorcycle rally, so we might save the South Dakota trip for that.

I'd also like to go to Austin, TX sometime. Maybe I can convince my company that I need to go to SXSW Interactive next year...


Jumping in a little late here, but Chicago would be my first choice. Let me know if you ever make it down to Austin so I can buy you a drink!

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