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September 22, 2006



today: TV on the Radio at amoeba records in Hollywood

Saturday: clean house thoroughly

Sunday: pick up mle of Pantalones del Fuego in SD, hang out for a while, swing by La Hovelle and then go to the Massive Attack and TV on the Radio show at the Hollywood Bowl.

I'm going to drive her back because she's flying out of SD. I'll probably be back by the time work rolls around. I don't think I've put one of my all-nighters since I passed the IL bar so I'm looking forward to some excitement.

Goofy Girl

I've got to read the same book as you for book club. And I just bought it yesterday. Gulp.


I know what you mean about this week. I both can't believe Friday is here already and feel like Monday was about three weeks ago.


Goofy Girl - I read it in one day, if it makes you feel any better.


I have a heartburn problem, too. Once I ended up in the hospital with an inflamed stomach lining or some such thing. The docs told me: No alcohol, cigarettes, tomato products, cheese, etc. I went to the grocery store and looked for "bland" food and almost cried at the thought of never eating anything yummy ever again. I didn't eat tomato things or drink any alcohol and survived on bagels and bread and bread-related non-tomato non-alcohol/cheese items for about 2 months and it all went away. Sound like fun? :)


death in the family, so it was exhausting.

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