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September 18, 2006



I am SO uncool these days that I didn't even realize that Kemper wasn't doing as many concerts. Yikes. X will be impressed that you saw Nickelback!

One of my very favorite concert venues was always Arrowhead. I saw PInk Floyd both times there and once, the moon came up JUST at the right moment. AWESOME.


My sister's keeper was interesting from a health law perspective because it focuses on several emerging issues-creating children to resolve other family members' medical issues and the rights of the child with regard to treatment.

However, Jodi Picoult is treacle and cheap dramatics through and through.


Monkey - I completely agree about the cheap dramatics. There were a lot of things in the book that pulled me out of the story thinking, "That would never really happen."

The Misanthrope

Wife and I are buying a house, so no more Stones concerts or jazz clubs for me. We will be into serious cocooning.

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