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August 15, 2006


Stacie Penney

My six year old has a similiarly ecclectic song set. He sing Johnny Cash (Burning Ring of Fire is his fav), various bit from the chorus line of "Hair" the musical, Queen and modern hip hop.

It's really scary some days.


It is weird how we retain all those songs we learned as kids. I guess that's cuz our brain cells were still fresh and thirsty back then.

I still know all the words to the cloyingly awful Illinois state song, which we were required to learn at some point in elementary school.


My daughter is into the "Rent" song Seasons of Love since hearing it live at a show in Texas. I bought the soundtrack. Oddly enough, she also knows who the Beastie Boys are, and even thought the CD IS loaded in the car, I would NEVER let her listen. (Note to self: question husband.) She also begs for Evanessence, Journey and Shakira. That's ma girl!


My parents had no clue about music. My mom listened to Streisand, Dolly, Manilow, Kenny Rogers, Carpenters and Oldies. I didn't realize there was modern (past the 50's and her selection) music until I got to be 12 and saw one of my friends birthday's presents was Motly Crue's Shout at the Devil. I had 5 albums, then cassettes came. Didn't know who Prince was when my mom bought the cassette for me. Once I discovered modern music in the 80's-90's its grown since. My kids won't be musically ignorant.


Ah yes, I can still hear my father now, "If I ever catch you listening to that long-haired freak music in my house I will break that stereo with a bat!" (Of course this never stopped me from hearing the lastest Bon Jovi recordings...)

Ah memories....of course now he just laughes about it!

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